I am looking for a job / to locum – do I need to pay for your services?

No, our services are free of charge to candidates.


Contact our expert recruitment and locum team to discuss opportunities available to you.
+353 1 485 3522

Who are Contracting Plus?

Contracting plus are a separate organisation which can set you up as a Self-Employed Locum.


Suitability is assessed by Contracting Plus.


TO FIND OUT MORE contact the Contracting PLUS SOLUTIONS TEAM for a no obligation consultation over the phone or in person:


P: Dublin: 01-6110707 / Cork: 021-4839339
E: info@contractingplus.com
W: www.contractingplus.com


Address Info:
84 Merrion Square South, Dublin 2
Cork Airport Business Park, Cork.

I have not worked in Ireland before. How do I get a PPS number?

If you have not worked in Ireland before you will need to ensure you have a PPS number. You must also register this PPS number with Revenue.


PPS Number – if you don’t have this you should contact Welfare/Intreo office


Revenue – once you have your PPS number you should apply online to register for tax.


I need your Employer / VAT number for Revenue
The PharmaConex employer number is: 9690580E


*How do I allocate my tax credits correctly? *
To ensure your tax is calculated correctly you must ensure your tax credits are allocated accordingly.


· If Pharmaconex is your only employer, you should allocate all your tax credits to it
· If you are working with other companies also you may wish to divide your credits. Revenue can advise as to how best to divide your credits
· If you do not wish to allocate tax credits to Pharmaconex, you should still contact Revenue to register your employment with us, to avoid emergency tax.


You can either ring your local tax office https://www.ros.ie/wiclo/index?lang=en or enter the details via MyAccount on the revenue website.

I got emergency taxed. Why?

If you do not contact Revenue you will be taxed under the emergency basis. Revenue will allocate a temporary credit and cut off point for the first month you work in any calendar year, and a temporary cut off point for the second month.


After this you will be taxed on all earnings at the higher tax rate of 40% (plus USC @ 8% and PRSI @ 4%). Revenue will also claim back the temporary credits for the first 2 months.

When do Locums get paid?

Payments are made on the 15th of each month, for hours worked in the previous CALENDAR month. For example, any days you work in November are due for payment on December 15th. If the 15th falls at the weekend or on a bank holiday, payments are made the following working day.


Payslips are sent out to all locums via email once payments have been made.

Do PharmaConex take a cut from the Locums wage?

No, we do not, only the necessary tax deductions are made from your wages.

I am newly registered with PharmaConex, who do I give my Bank Details to?

Please provide your bank details to Stuart Brown
E: account@pharmaconex.com P: 01 687 4014

Are Locums covered by the host Pharmacies insurance when locuming?

Yes, we make sure all companies that we work with are covered by the appropriate insurance.


However, we do recommend that Pharmacists have their own insurance policy.

How do I cancel a confirmed Locum booking?

We understand that from time to time a Locum may need to cancel a confirmed booking due to un-foreseen circumstances. If you do need to cancel you must ensure to let all parties know. You should offer a valid reason.


Cancelling bookings because something better came along is un-professional and can make you appear unreliable. This can also make it hard for you to secure a booking for the same place in the future. Please ensure to check your work and personal schedule before confirming bookings, to avoid cancellations.


*48hrs minimum notice is required for cancellations. Where less than 48hrs notice is provided PharmaConex reserve the right to deduct any extra cost incurred to place an emergency locum in your place.

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