Supporting Pharmacy

Supporting PharmacySupporting Pharmacy Supporting Pharmacy

We are delighted to be sponsors of two Pharmacy Societies for 2016/2017, DUPSA from Trinity College and UCC Cork.

Sponsoring societies allows us the chance to get to know Pharmacists, present and future. We get the opportunity to assure students that we are here to support them leading up to and during their career as a qualified Pharmacist.

Societies not only cater for the social activity needs of Pharmacy Students; they also provide support, training opportunity and help students integrate into university life. We believe societies are hugely important and can complement the overall development of a student during their time in college. We are delighted to be a part of that.

On Thursday we attended the DUPSA Ball in Clontarf castle. The event was brilliantly organised and well attended. PharmaConex left a little party treat on each place setting. It was well received on the night.

On Saturday the team are off to attend the UCC Ball and are looking forward to meeting the committee and pharmacy students there. We are confident it will be another fantastic night.

PharmaConex would like to thank Flemming Medical (Plaster Packs, Insoles & Heel Grips), Brandshapers (Lifeline) and McLernons Packaging (Pharmacy Bags)  for providing items for the night.

Hopefully, there was not a sore foot or a hangover in the house!

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