Recent PSI Guidelines – Covid19 Vaccinations

Are you a pharmacist that wishes to become involved in the nationwide administration of the Covid19 vaccine?

If so, the below released by the PSI aims to “Provide further information on approved training, for pharmacists who wish to administer vaccinations during the current phase of the national COVID-19 vaccination roll out. In order to ensure that you are properly and legally authorised to administer the COVID-19 vaccines, it is essential that you understand, and adhere to, the training requirements” outlined in the link below.

The PharmaConex Team will continue to work with all relevant governing bodies and aim to deliver accurate and relevant information to all pharmacists registered with PharmaConex.

Nicola Ryan, Operations Director is on hand to offer support to all pharmacists and can be reached through the below.


Tel:                      (083) 117 9967

As always Stay Safe!

The PharmaConex Team

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