PharmaConex Software – New Features

It has been another busy week here in PharmaConex, our IT team have introduced new functionalities, now live on the PharmaConex Software.

  • Live Updates/News – Upon logging into the PharmaConex System you will now be greeted with any relevant updates from the PharmaConex Team.
  • Store Names – When searching for Locum shifts, both the store name and company has now been made visible.
  • “Store Favourites” – A new functionality allowing  you to select stores that you have a preference to working in. You must select yes for them to become a favourite,  to unselect a store at any time simply click no.
  • Locum Contract  – The PharmaConex Locum Contract has been made available at all times and can be found on the left hand side of your Locum profile.
  • Working During Covid Guidelines – These guidelines are now accessible by selecting “Working During Covid” on the left hand side of your Locum profile. We will continue to review and update these on an ongoing basis.

Our team are looking forward to delivering more software updates in the coming weeks. Should you have any ideas that will enhance your experience we would appreciate your feedback.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

The PharmaConex Team!

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