Meet the team

Get to know us; introducing the PharmaConex team! – Over the next few months, we will introduce each of our team members so you know a little more about the people who help you every day.

Name: Laura Romero

Role in PharmaConex: Company Trainer

Time with PharmaConex: 5yrs

Dublin or Shannon Office: Mostly Dublin, but I will travel a little more to Shannon when we open our 2nd training center there

Where did you work before PharmaConex?: I have worked as a Pharmacist in the community and hospital areas, for 10 years. I also spent time completing a Masters in Clinical Research

Tell us about your job in PharmaConex: I train pharmacists on all three dispensing systems. I also run the introduction to community pharmacy in Ireland Course, which assists those returning to Pharmacy or those from qualifying countries who wish to begin work in an Irish setting. The preparation course ensures candidates are confident in scheme knowledge, systems and practice compliance.

On a daily basis, I liaise with locums and pharmacies to ensure any errors or near-misses that may occur are handled, and root causes identified, to the satisfaction of all parties

What do you love most about your role?: I love getting to know new people and passing my knowledge and experience to others

What is your favourite thing about working for PharmaConex? Great atmosphere with lovely people, my schedule is also flexible which allows me to continue my work in community pharmacy

What should Pharmacists and Clients contact you for specifically? 

Queries regarding dispensing systems and one to one training. Queries regarding clinical mistakes reported to us?

Contact Laura – E: P: +353 1 485 3522

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