Over the last number of days our team have made and received an unprecedented number of calls, as you probably know we are a chatty group.

The fear of the “unknown” and a looming “financial crisis” has creeped into general chit chat on many occasions. This has been coupled with references to words of wisdom offered by Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best”.

With this in mind, our advice has been simple and straight forward.

  1. Keep the number patients and fellow professionals you come into contact with to a minimum
  2. Ensure you refer to updated COVID-19 PSI guidelines prior to each shift here
  3. Secure stable and continued employment in one store, this can be achieved through contract and permanent roles, offering both financial stability and keeping contact to a minimum.
  4. Seek income protection advice should you rely on contract Locum Opportunities as a source of income. CWM (Wealth Management Ltd.) is one such facilitator, or 021 483 9350.

As always our team are on hand to talk you through all career opportunities or any concerns you may have 0831179967.

As always, stay safe!
The PharmaConex Team



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