Pharmconex Five Steps
  • Seek to Understand.’ – In medical terminology, diagnosis comes before dispensing advice. As a locum, be sure that you understand the different perspectives and that you are focused on solving the right problem. 
  • T – ‘Then be Understood.’ – Once you understand, you can then seek to be understood. If you show true care and concern for the other person’s perspective, it is more likely that they will try to understand you. When both parties are fully understood, they can work together to discover possible outcomes.  As a locum, this equally applies to your work colleagues and the pharmacy customers.
  • E – ‘Empathise with Others.’ – Ask questions. Demonstrate a genuine interest by attentively listening to each answer with compassion and curiosity, without judgement. When you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, they become less defensive and more open to collaboration because they feel they have been seen and heard.  As a locum, this not only makes your day more enjoyable and productive, but also enhances patient safety and helps avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • P – ‘Problem Solve.’ – Once you have reached agreement on the real problem to be solved, you can brainstorm potential solutions to resolve it in a mutually satisfactory way.  As a locum, this step saves SO much time and frustration! 
  • – Safety Net’ – For Pharmacists, patient safety is our first priority. This stage analyses the proposed solution to identify any potential pit-falls, agrees protocols to follow in worst case scenarios and review procedure and time-lines.  It protects the patient, you and your professional reputation. 

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