Locum Shift

When you Locum you get a great opportunity to meet, impress and build a reputation with a vast number of people in the sector. Every Pharmacy you visit is a chance to impress the host team and the larger organisation. Good lasting impressions ensure you are considered for future locum shifts and permanent positions, should you wish to transition.

It  is vital that you dress appropriately and professionally for every Locum shift. When you agree to work in a store you have a responsibility to dress in a manner that encourages public trust and confidence. You should represent yourself in the best way possible.

Some companies provide a ‘Locum Pharmacist’ name badge. This should be worn where available so the customers understand who you are.

Every Locum shift you complete is a potential interview

” Individuals make impressions and judgements about people very quickly, very easily, and with minimal information. And once those judgements are made, they tend to be hard to undo. They’re quite sticky.” Dr Vivian Zayas

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