Like every good training session, we began the day with some freshly brewed coffee, croissants and a chance to mingle with fellow attendees, the PharmaConex team and trainers.

PharmaConex strongly believes in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and believe, as the main recruiter and locum agency for the Pharmacy Sector, that it is our duty to provide training opportunity, free of charge, to Locum Pharmacists, Technicians and candidates.

In 2016 we asked for feedback on training requirements, and in 2017 we are delighted to say we have partnered with reputable suppliers to offer relevant, requested and applicable training.

Thursday’s attendees enjoyed a practical and helpful insight into best practice across different topics and got the opportunity to offer feedback due to the high engagement nature of the sessions. Thanks to the generosity of the suppliers, they also left with some excellent training material for their Pharmacies, and goody bags. Who doesn’t love a goody bag!

Some suggest that a conference or training day is valuable and worthwhile if you can take away 3 key pieces of information that will impact on your everyday practice. We are inclined to agree, and so we have outlined three key takeaways, one (ok maybe two) for each topic below. (particularly for anyone who missed out!)


Fleming Medical – Mary Martin – Physiology of Wound Healing, Wound Dressings & Wound Types

Key Take-Away

Do you remember when airing a wound was the norm? No more. Research has shown that ‘Moist Wound Healing’ is best practice to achieve fast healing and minimal – to – no scarring. Applying the right dressing, to the right wound, at the right time is essential.

Did you know there is up to 8-foot amputations a week in Ireland due to un-noticed or miss-managed diabetic wounds? Pharmacists play a key role in helping patients to identify issues. Particularly in the case of the elderly who are often unable to check their own feet. Mary suggests three options. Use the consultation area to quickly monitor the feet of diabetic patients, particularly the elderly. Advice patients whose mobility prevents regular checks to monitor their feet in one of two ways; place a mirror under the foot, where eyesight is adequate or suggest they wear white socks and check for any residue or marking on the socks, once removed.

Pharmconex Sarah

Naturalife Health – Microbiotics in the role of Digestive Health and Post Anti-Biotic Care

Key Take-Away

Sarah from Naturalife Health took us through the Super 8 range of probiotics, explaining the different strengths available and the most suitable strength and benefits for various illnesses. Sarah explained the benefits of taking probiotics during and after an anti-biotic to help to minimise gastro related side effects, thus increasing compliance and completion of the course.

Have patients with gum health problems? Did you know that breaking a probiotic capsule into a small glass of water and rinsing the mouth before ingesting can help improve gum health and fight oral bacteria.

The positive effects of probiotics can be passed to Babies with gastro issues or colic via breast milk. Babies can also be given a suitable dose of probiotics directly.

Pharmconex Meet the team

The Wise Institute – Excellent Communication Skills P1 – Building Rapport with the Host Pharmacy Team, through Powerful Communication 

Key Take-Away

Peter took our attendees through a highly engaging session on communication. The attendees took part in exercises which pointed out the importance of communicating clear detail at all times. We also spoke about the difference between hearing and listening.

Interesting fact, our thought Speed is greater than our speaking speed? This is the reason listening is so hard. This time difference allows our minds time to wander while someone is speaking to us.

Did you know that 80% of workplace issues are down to poor communication? Our communications are perceived not only by what we say but how we say it, as well as our body language and facial expressions.

An important discussion evolved around conflict resolution, with attendees explaining that this is their biggest issue when it comes to communication with their patients. With this in mind, Peter is going to tailor the next session to cover this area.

*** Did you miss out on the training session? Don’t worry. New date and new topics coming soon.

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