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Part 2: 4Front’s FIVE S.T.E.P.S. FRAMEWORK TO RESPOND TO YOUR PATIENT’S NEEDS – Tuesday 27th November


PharmaConex in conjunction with presents a webinar series see below

‘How to Perform at your Best During Pharmacy Consultations’

As a pharmacist have you ever

  • Worried about how your performance may be judged by others?
  • Dreaded the very thought of a difficult conversation with a healthcare professional, staff member or patient?
  • Wished that you had effective strategies to help you appear confident, especially when you feel ‘put on the spot’?

If so, you are in the right place!

Since 2010, as ‘The Pharmacist Coach’, I have been using ‘The Coach Approach’ to work with pharmacists to overcome challenges just like these.

This Masterclass Series is for you if you are a pharmacist:

  • Called for IIOP Practice Review
  • Returning to work as a patient-facing pharmacist after a leave of absence
  • Preparing for consultation skills assessments
  • Shifting from being primarily dispensary based to being primarily focused on pharmacy-consultations
  • Looking for additional ways to demonstrate your value in your pharmacy-consultations

Through 4Front’s P.R.O 3-Part Masterclass Series, you will learn the mindset, consultation skillset and strategies to

  1. Prepare for consultation success
  2. Respond to your patient needs within a limited timeframe
  3. Overcome barriers to engaging with even your most difficult customers

so that you

  • Optimise your ability to perform at your best
  • Confidently showcase your professional expertise
  • Empower your patients to be proactive about managing their own health and wellbeing and
  • Feel fulfilled because you can see that what you do makes a difference

Pharmacists can record their attendance as CPD in their ePortfolio.




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