Please read and confirm the latest locum alert, it was last modified on Fri 9th October 2020

Until you do we may be unable to confirm any further bookings.

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Pharmaconex Covid -19 Update October 2020

At the time of confirming this booking, you are confirming the following:

  • You have NOT been out of the island of Ireland within 14 days of the booking date
  • You do NOT have any COVID-19 symptoms, should you start to display any symptoms please contact us ASAP
  • You have NOT been advised to self-isolate 
  • You have NOT been in contact with a person/s who have tested positive for Covid-19 

All Locums will be asked to confirm their bookings 48 hours prior to the shift staring, you are again reconfirming the above. 

Close Contact/Self Isolation Procedures

As we begin to see an influx in Covid-19 cases across the country the PharmaConex Team have introduced the below measures to ensure the safety of all Locums, pharmacy staff and patients. We will continue to review these on an on-going basis. 

  • In the unlikely event that a Locum comes into contact with a confirmed case while working as a Locum through PharmaConex our team will inform them immediately. 
  • They will be advised to contact the HSE or personal doctor with the intent to arrange a Covid-19 test. 
  • Guidelines will recommend that they immediately self-isolate, PharmaConex will be required to remove them from any bookings in the coming days. 
  • In this incident PharmaConex will not be able to offer payment for any cancelled days however, we will not enforce any late cancellation charge.   

In the incident that a locum contacts us, after receiving notification that they have come into close contact with a confirmed case, we will remove them from bookings going forward and will not issue a late cancellation charge.  

When a Locum is in a position to return to work after either of the above incidents our team will require proof of testing and proof of a negative test. 

Again, our Team would like to offer our support through these challenging times. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact a member of the PharmaConex Team!

Stay Safe!