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Our Upcoming Jobs

Month Location Rates Number of Jobs Total Value  
March Co. Cork €14.00/h - €15.00/h 19 €1,853 Register
March Co. Dublin €14.00/h 90 €9,898 Register
March Co. Limerick €14.00/h 5 €518 Register
March Other €14.00/h 2 €224 Register
April Co. Cork €14.00/h 9 €1,008 Register
April Co. Dublin €14.00/h 13 €1,414 Register
April Co. Limerick €14.00/h 1 €112 Register
April Co. Tipperary €14.00/h 6 €672 Register
May Co. Cork €14.00/h 2 €224 Register
May Co. Limerick €14.00/h 4 €448 Register
May Co. Tipperary €14.00/h 6 €672 Register