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PharnaConex have partnered with Rachel Dungan, Pharmacist Coach from to offer you free CPD sessions to help you master and complete your CPD & ePortfolio requirements.


“I wanted to become familiar with the Irish CPD system because this is a professional skill for life. At the end of the call I don’t fear CPD anymore, feel 9/10 confident I can do this and know HOW I can implement CPD into my day”




CPD Title: Preparing for the ePortifolio Review
When: November 22nd. Tue 19:30 – 21:30
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Learning Objectives:

Once you have completed the session, you will be able to:
1. Examine the 2016 ePortfolio Review Standards
2. Summarize how to meet the 2016 ePortfolio Review Standards
3. Develop strategies to meet these standards
4. Explain the relevance of the 2016 ePortfolio Standards to ePortfolio Reviews from 2017-2020
5. Identify further resources to support your CPD
6. Create an action plan to record your CPD for 2016 and have the confidence to JUST DO IT!

During the call, you will also complete an activity booklet, which will help you to capture your learning for use in your CPD ePortfolio.



Missed ‘Getting started with CPD & the ePortfolio’? No problem. Click Here to listen to the session.




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