Locum Pharmacist Customer Interaction Document


Welcome to Allcare Pharmacy. We are glad to have you on our team today!

At Allcare pharmacy, we are committed to providing excellence in customer service. Our loyal and valued customers are the centre of our business and we continuously strive to offer our best in customer care. So much so, that we have based our Allcare core values on the model of ‘CARE’




As a Locum Pharmacist working within our store today, you have a big role to play in upholding our values. We work hard to retain our loyal customers. They and we expect consistency in our customer service, regardless of the on-duty team. As a Locum Pharmacist, you reflect our business when you work in our store. You help to uphold our positive reputation in the public by supportively engaging with our customers. Although you will not have time to develop a longstanding relationship with our customers, the positive impact you can make on our customers, builds their relationship with the pharmacy and the Allcare brand.


Locum Pharmacist Customer Interaction Document


As a Locum Pharmacist working in our store, we expect you to:

  • Engage with our customers in a positive, proactive and supportive manner

Using eye contact, a friendly greeting, a smile and a friendly tone of voice plus      positive body language


  • Uphold good phone etiquette

When answering the phone, say the name of the pharmacy and your name, in a           friendly tone


  • Manage consultations professionally and efficiently

Using clear communication


  • Provide an efficient service

Manage prescriptions and consultations promptly. Where this is not always         possible, communicate with the patient and apologise promptly, explain the             reason for the delay and manage their future expectations


  • Manage complaints effectively with an apology and positive resolution. Leave an information trail for the pharmacist the following day

Communicate any complaints with your team and where there is a Retail Manager        on duty, ensure they are informed


  • Engage with your team

Communicate wait times for prescriptions and speak to your team if you are            experiencing difficulties